• Tips To Save Time And Money While Relocating

    Packing Tips @WeHaulMovers

    Are you worried about where to start house packing when relocating? We-Haul Movers is pleased to offer packing services that will save you time and stress for same-city moves in Quebec or long distance moves outside the city. Check out some of our useful packing tips which are part of a move plan customized to your needs.

    Packing Tip #1: Clear-out Unwanted Items

    Getting rid of items you don’t need will help you reduce the number of boxes to pack and unpack. Clothing and other items that you don’t use can be taken to a charity or thrift store. You can also make arrangements with a charity organization to come and pick the items you don’t need at your home. This is especially convenient if you have unwanted furniture items or other large pieces that are awkward to move. Another house clearing option is to hold a garage sale at least a week or two earlier before your move. For your valuable items which you want to get rid of but are valuable, sell them online. Proceeds from jewelry, antiques or electronics can help you furnish your new home and settle some bills.

    Packing Tip #2: Organize Your Boxes

    Don’t confuse your movers when putting items in your new house, label all boxes on the sides and top. Other special instructions include highlighting box contents like putting the label “Fragile” on delicate items like dish sets. Labeling the location of the box also ensures that it is put in the intended room.

    Packing Tip #3: Contact A Moving Company

    Packing and unpacking is quite stressful considering the time it takes and money needed to pack your items in the safest way or in hiring a moving helper. Do-it-yourself packing is cheap but may not guarantee an all-round safety when moving your valuable possessions. Additionally, self packed items are not insured by moving companies. To be on the safe side, allow your moving company to pack your fragile items as the movers have professional training in packing a variety of household or office items and use up-to-standard packing materials. Moving companies can also provide packing boxes before your moving day if you want to do some self-packing. Household fixtures like stove, dishwashers, refrigerators or washing machines and dryers need to be moved and set up on arrival in your new home. These items are also heavy and their awkward shape makes it difficult to move. A moving firm can professionally remove, transport and offer reinstallation services for your fixtures in your new house.

    Packing Tip #4: Pack An Essentials Box

    Before moving to your new house, it is important to pack an essentials box. This box should contain items that you will use on the last few days before the move and on the first few days in your new home before you unpack everything. Your essentials box should not be kept with other boxes; take it in your car with other valuables that are not handled by your moving company. On moving day the essentials box will be the first one you use on your arrival in your new home as you can have items that will help you prepare light meals, clean, get entertained or attend to any emergencies before the process of unpacking begins. Necessary items that can go in the box include toiletries, all-purpose cleaner, toaster, radio, beverages, snacks, dishes, basic cutleries, pet food, emergency kit, keys, flash light, day’s clothing, towels, bed linen, small tool box and garbage bags.

    These handy packing tips will give you ample time to relax in your new home and enjoy the process of moving.