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    Consider Our Useful Tips On Your Moving Day

    Your moving day can be stress free and smooth if you plan ahead before moving to your new home or community. There are several ways to make your moving day free of frustrations. If you are wondering what to do on this stressful day, We-Haul Movers is here to help. Located in Montreal, Quebec Canada, we are considered one of the best moving companies in Quebec.  Our professional services will ensure that your furniture and house items reach your new destination safe. The following are some of our moving tips that will give you and your family an exciting time when packing up for a new house:

    • Draft a List

    To avoid the frustration of finding important items from cardboard packages on arrival at your new home, it would be advisable to make a numbered list of all your items. Ensure that all your boxes are numbered and that you write the contents of each box on your list. Box numbers should correspond to the numbers on your list. Being specific on what is packed in the box is easy to remember than using general words like “miscellaneous”. In another instance, chronological order for naming files like “A-C Files” would be more specific rather than “Files”. Box numbering makes it easy to identify any losses or damages.

    • Safeguard Your Valuables

    Don’t be tempted to make it obvious where your valuables like jewelry or antiques are packed. Important papers like current bank records, passports, ownership papers, mover estimates, recent bills, birth certificates, phone lists and school records among other documents should not be left with the mover. Keep your valued possessions in your vehicle when moving.

    • Organize

    Staying organized is an important aspect we recommend to our clients. If you are using We-Haul Movers services, a clear direction on access to your new home would be very helpful. In addition to this, providing a floor plan to your moving firm is essential as it ensures that your furniture and boxes are places in the correct rooms. Choose different colored stickers for each room and label them on doors. The label’s color should correspond to the boxes that will be placed in the room. That way, movers will conveniently place boxes as guided.

    • On Arrival Inspection

    Arrival at your new home is quite relieving, however, before you call it a day, you should inspect if all your listed boxes, furniture and fixtures are present and in good order. Just incase one or several of your items are missing, now is the time to make sure everything has arrived.

    Planning ahead of your moving day will make the process manageable and save you enough time to unwind and enjoy your new home! Read through our moving advice for great tips to prepare for your move.

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