• Storage Solutions – Find The Best Company For Moving And Self-Storage Needs

    We-Haul Movers will give you full-service moving whenever relocating around Canada. We are located in Montreal, Quebec. We offer flexible storage solutions as part of our move plan if you are moving home and face the challenges of finding some extra storage space for your belongings while doing some final touches in preparation to move in your new residence. Our Storage-in-Transit (SIT) specialized services are well equipped and secure enough to give you some piece of mind when you are faced with the stressful process of getting your new space ready. You need to do your research well when finding a company that offers public storage whether you are moving or storing. Having a checklist of what you should be looking for is ideal.

    Storage facilities

    If you want your items to stay organized while planning for the next move, ensure that the storage firm has storage containers that will house all your home or office belongings safely. These containers should be available in various unit sizes to accommodate items packed in your moving boxes, furniture and odd-shaped appliances. The storage containers should be wide enough for easy movement when stowing your items. Clean storage space is also an important consideration.

    Security systems

    Security is always paramount in keeping your goods safe until you move them. Opt for storage companies that offer modern security systems. These include:

    • Computerized access – you should be the only one who can access your storage space. A personalized ID Code should therefore be provided for storage containers with password-controlled door entry.
    • Video surveillance – video surveillance, intercom system and motion sensors set strategically at the site where your property is stored will give you personal contact with your storage firm if you notice any entry attempts to your storage container.
    • Alarm systems – the storage space you are offered should have a security alarm to alert the security providers on the presence of burglars.

    Storage pricing

    The amount of items, type of items or duration for storage will determine the sum of money you are going to pay for storage. Enquire if there are month- to-month rentals to give you convenient payment for storage of your goods. You should also ask if there are discounts for long-term rentals if you are hoping to store your items for a long time.

    The storage company should offer you easy payment options, which may include cash, credit card, check or online payment.

    Handling options

    The storage solutions offered by your storage company should conveniently allow the smallest and the biggest of your belongings to fit in the container. If you are in need of moving supplies and packing boxes, your storage provider should offer such. To make self-storage easier, carts should be provided when moving single or multiple portable items from your car into the storage unit. If the units have upper levels, elevators should be available for easy access.

    Finally, it is important to understand the flexibility of your storage company. Find out their working hours. Though most companies offer all-year service, they may close on some holidays like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day or New Year.

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