• Piano Movers – Packing And Moving A Piano

    We-Haul Movers is a moving company that can transport all your belongings when relocating whether it is long distance or local.   Moving pianos is one of the special services we offer to families across Canada. Pianos are expensive, heavy and have awkward shapes which demand professional care in moving them from one place to another. Piano movers use special equipment and packing which facilitates moving and loading the piano.

    Equipment For Moving A Piano

    Several pieces of equipment are used for safe relocation of a piano. Your piano movers should come prepared with:

    • Piano boards
    • Furniture dollies
    • Blankets
    • Straps
    • Packing Tape
    • Padding
    • Shrink wraps

    The vehicle to be used in piano shipping should have proper equipment and cushioning. The equipment cost will be added in the moving estimate.

    Preparing A Piano For Packing

    Before shipping, a piano should be prepared by disassembling it and protecting its exterior finish. The following steps are normally followed:

    • Close and lock the key lid of your upright piano to ensure that it will not open during transit. Never use tape to close the lid as it may damage the piano’s finish. If the keyboard lid fails to lock, movers will close it and wrap it with blanket and secure it with straps. If you have a Baby Grand piano, your movers will transport it with the lid off. The lid is wrapped and put separately.
    • The piano frame is removed.
    • The music rack is removed and kept with its pins.
    • Shrink wrap may be used on the wooden surface of the piano to protect against scratches.
    • The piano is wrapped in a thick blanket or padding and the corners secured for protection against bumps. Packing tape may be used to secure the blanket in place as long as it doesn’t come into contact with the piano’s surface.
    • Movers will remove the piano’s casters.

    Moving The Piano

    The following steps are used by piano movers when lifting and loading the instrument:

    • The piano is lifted and placed on the furniture dolly. Two straps are put under the piano’s bottom to facilitate loading on the dolly. Using its casters to move the instrument will gouge your floor or carpet and may break the piano’s legs. Legs shouldn’t either be held to lift the piano.
    • Upright pianos should be kept in their upright position while grands can be moved on their sides after they are well secured with padding and then shrink wrapped.
    • Upright piano’s castors can be secured to the dolly for extra support
    • Tip, lift and lower the loaded dolly when maneuvering uneven levels or 1 to 3 steps. More than that requires lifting.
    • The loaded dolly is pushed up on a ramp into the truck. Once in the truck the piano is dismounted from the dolly.
    • The keyboard face is padded and positioned facing the wall of the truck
    • The piano is safe belted to the truck’s wall for safe delivery.

    An upright piano over 48 inches high or grand piano exceeding 6 feet long should be handled by professional movers considering their heavy weight and awkward shapes.

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