Make House Moving Easy With Professional Packing

     We-Haul Movers offers a range of packing services and moving advice when relocating around Canada. We are located in Montreal, Quebec and you can also contact us here.   We pack all items you request for to suit your budget and moving house time-line. You should hire the services of professional movers to help you in packing the contents of the home safely and efficiently. Basic services to look for when choosing a moving firm can include:

    Boxes and Supplies

     Most professional moving companies provide you with boxes and supplies needed in the packing process. If you are planning to buy boxes from your moving firm, request for small boxes for small and heavy items and large boxes for light and bulky items. An agent from your moving company can however evaluate the number and size of boxes you need to move your items without straining your budget.

     In addition to providing packing boxes, your mover should have important packing supplies that will facilitate the packing and shipment process when moving home. Some of these include packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and permanent markers among others.

     Full Packing

     It is possible to have your entire house packed.  This normally covers items from your kitchen, living room, bedroom, library and your household furniture. You can pack the items yourself and have the removal company ship them. You can as well assign them both the packing and shipping of items to your new home. Different packing is used for different items and everything is wrapped with paper before going into the box.


     Not looking forward to packing?  Get a quote from us.  Using professionals makes life easier!  You won’t need to fold clothes and pack them up. You can request for wardrobe boxes which are designed like a wardrobe to ship clothes in the hanging position. Lay down wardrobe boxes are also available for clothes that fold.

     Customized Packing

     We-haul Movers can provide customized packing services and expert advice concerning your valuable and extremely fragile items. Odd-shaped appliances or machines may need professional removal, packing, loading, shipment and installation in your new home to work properly. This task can be left to the experts and your removal firm can link you up with the experts.Unpacking the contents of the home after arrival is also tiring. You can relax and give the job to your removal company if your budget allows.

     Moving day can be made smooth and fun if you find professional movers who not only care for your household items but aslo friendly enough to explain things and answer all your questions.