• Important Moving Supplies And Useful Packing Tips

    Having the correct moving supplies makes everything easier. When shipping your fragile or valuable items you want to ensure they are wrapped properly so nothing gets broken. Various types of materials are used when packing and having them all handy makes the job less stressful. Common moving supplies needed when packing up your home would include:

    Bubble Wrap

    This is transparent, flexible plastic material with numerous protruding air bubbles that can be used to wrap fragile items like pictures and lamps.

    Anti-static Bubble Wrap

    This packaging material is similar to the conventional bubble wrap but does not cause static charge. This wrap is therefore suitable for computers, TV sets and stereos. Static electricity may be created if you wrap your electronic items with the conventional bubble wrap and damage it.

    Tissue Paper

    This can be used instead of newsprint to wrap your delicate China or crystal ware. The soft nature of tissue paper makes it suitable for cushioning small spaces between fragile and small items.

    Packing Paper

    This is paper material or plain newsprint that is usually used to wrap objects for protection against scratches. This material can be used as cushioning.

    Foam peanuts/Styrofoam popcorns/Packing peanuts

    These are loose-fill cushioning materials made from polystyrene foam used in voids when packaging items. Foam peanuts shape and size matches that of unshelled peanuts. These materials protect fragile items and interlock when compressed and freely move when not subjected to pressure.

    Re-sealable Plastic Bags

    These are small bags, which can hold nuts and bolts of disassembled items. Tape each bag to the specific item for easy assembling.

    Sealing Tape

    This plastic tape is suitable for taping cardboard boxes and other items that need to be sealed. A typical tape of 1.5 inches to 2 inches wide is ideal for packing. Note that the tape may ruin the finish of some items; tape a small portion on item to be packed and see the results.

    Permanent Marker

    This is a felt-tip pen that has broad tip used in labeling contents of boxes, their location or other special instructions such as “This Side Up” or “Fragile”. Before moving boxes, ensure that they are all labeled.

    Useful tips

    When assembling your packing supplies, always go for the best quality to avoid the embarrassment of bursting boxes and dropping items when loading. Borrowing produce boxes to save money may not be an option. Used boxes have weaker walls caused by the transit moisture. Produce boxes may also house insects which are definitely unwelcomed in your new home. Check what type of protection your piano movers are using if you have a piano to move.

    Early preparation when planning to move house will give you enough time to find quality moving supplies.

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