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    Tips For Moving House With Long Distance Movers

    Long distance moving with We-Haul Movers can be a smooth ride, we can design a move plan tailored to your needs if you are preparing for cross-country relocation. Our movers will handle your belongings from the loading point, throughout shipping to the unloading point. Long distance moving requires you to understand the services provided by your moving company and your input in setting some basic priorities right to save your money and time.

    Services provided by long distance movers include:

    Professional and Well Trained Movers
    Your moving company should provide well-trained employees to handle your items from one location to another. Having someone you can trust is important knowing they will be handling the contents of your home. Using packing services is helpful with long distance moves to avoid breakage.

    Moving Rates
    Prices and ratings for the moving process should be transparent enough with no hidden charges or unexpected costs.

    Moving Security
    Most reputable moving firms offer their clients Full-Value Protection (FVP) to cover you if unexpected occurrences negatively affect your belongings while in transit. FVP can be made upfront with the estimates. FVP may cover unexpected events like:

    • Damages
    • Delivery delays
    • Theft
    • Natural Disasters

    Confirm with your moving company about insurance coverage.


    If your home will not be ready on your moving day, you can make arrangements with your moving company to stow your items safely until you are ready to move in your new property.

    Auto Transport

    Long distance moving can also include transportation of automobiles.
    As much as your moving company offers to move, you should as well play your part in factoring in some basics which include your moving dates, moving distance and amount of items you are moving. These basics will save on your budget, time and ensure that your items arrive in your new destination in one piece.

    Moving Dates

    Setting up a fixed moving day will in turn help your long distance mover set a fixed delivery date for your items.

    Moving Distance

    Long distance moving requires early preparation, which also reduces your planning time-line. The movers cost will include the distance covered. Find out how far or how many miles it takes to your new destination.

    Amount of items

    The weight and size of items you are moving factor into your quote for moving services. An agent will visit your home for an evaluation of items to be moved and give you a written estimate. Getting rid of items you don’t need will reduce the costs of moving item you no longer want to keep.