• Often we will get calls from clients who have ordered a wonderful looking couch from a store but were unaware that it did not fit up their stairwell. Companies such as IKEA and SEARS will not even attempt to find alternate ways to bring your furniture up. One reason is that if they damage it, they will then have to get you a new one. It is therefore in their interest to simply bring it back to the warehouse. Another reason they do not attempt a hoist is because of the risk that is involved to the personnel. This is where we come in! We take on the risks because we have a solid foundation of appropriate techniques at our disposal. We always fully protect the item an then secure multiple straps and ropes to make sure that there will be no slippage or drops.

    For some clients who unfortunately have a too large piano in a too small space ropes simply won’t cut it. That is when we have to call in a crane and they do not come cheap. However, when you need to ensure that your prized instrument is handled safely and professionally then make sure to give us a call.