• Week –By-Week Checklist For Stress-Free House Moving

    Preparing to move should never be a hassle. With our organized moving checklist, you can plan to move house and keep your sanity wherever you are located in Canada. The We Haul Movers checklist for moving is a 6-week timeline designed to give you useful tips leading up to your move day.

    Week 6: Find Moving Company

    Compare the services of several moving companies and request an estimate. Booking ahead ensure you will have a smooth transition to your new home 

    School Transfers Visit your children’s schools and make arrangements of their records to be transferred to their new school.

    Change Addresses Notify your postal office about your new address. Change your address with insurance companies, banks and magazine subscriptions among other deliveries. Give your moving coordinator your new address and phone numbers.

    Week 5: Notify Others

    Inform your landlord, doctors, lawyers and utility companies among other service providers about your address change. Sort Items Go through all your items and donate what you don’t need. Hold a garage sale or sell valuables you don’t want online. Note all items that will need special packing or insurance cover.

    Week 4: Finalize

    With Moving Company Confirm arrival times, direction and address to your new home with your mover. 

    Week 3: Start packing

    Pack non-essential items in boxes. Pick up any moving supplies you will need. Say Bye Give new contacts and bid farewell to friends and family. Plan For Travel Book hotels, flights and make any necessary travel plans.

    Week 2: Travel Arrangements for Kids and Pets

    If you have kids or pets, arrange for someone to take care of them on the move day. Your pets should have proper health certifications before moving.

    Arrange Transit for Appliances For house appliances that need professional or technical handling, plans on their shipment to your new home. We can help you plan for that.

    Pack an Essentials Box Pack a box of essential items that you will need in the last night in your old home and in the first few days on arrival at your new home. This can contain snacks, beverages, toiletries, flashlight and a small tool kit among other useful items. Take your essentials box in your car.

    Call Your Real Estate Agent Confirm any details for the day of the move.

    Week 1: Pack and Label Boxes

    Fill suitcases with clothes for everyone in the family. Put other items in boxes and label them.

    Equipment Servicing Electrical and mechanical equipment should be serviced before the moving truck arrives. Computers, TV’s and stereos should be unplugged a day before your move day to keep them at room temperature. Empty, clean and defrost your refrigerator 24 hours earlier before relocating.

    Plan for Payment Make arrangements for cash pay, money orders or your convenient payment method to pay your movers.

    Moving Day Double-check Ensure that all your belongings are loaded; stay close until all loading is complete. Sign the inventory sheet or bill of lading and keep a copy.

    Pick Up Key Arrange a time to pick up the key to your new home. Delays here can cost you money, if your moving company cannot get into the house to unload your belongings.  Using this checklist when planning to move will save your time and make the whole experience hassle-free. Click here for more advice.