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    Retirement Home Moves

    Retirement Homes are our specialty. Although we approach every one of our moves with speed and efficiency, when it comes to retirement homes, we recognize that it’s important to slow things down a bit. We don’t do this intentionally but out of necessity.

    In entering a retirement home the number one thing to remember is that there’s going to be a lot of activity. Some of that activity can involve staff moving equipment around, pushing large trolleys full of snacks or cleaning supplies, there’s also the residents. A few are not 100% autonomous and need large wheel chairs, canes or walkers to get around. We make certain never to get in their way. In some rare cases a few homes have only one elevator and that’s when things get tricky- alongside the dresser, couch and bed will be a few elderly folks sharing the ride with us. In the end, the job gets done and we have not interrupted people from getting to their afternoon Tai-Chi class.

    If you are looking for a company that not only ensures your possessions will be treated with respect but that the people we encounter are too, then give us a call.

    We Haul, We Care!