• Choose Right Moving Boxes For Safe Shipment

    Are you moving? If you are moving house, the need and the cost of packaging boxes has to be addressed. You will need packaging materials and boxes that are customized to suit your requirements. Boxes range from quality cardboards for your heavy items to small boxes for light objects. These boxes will protect your belongings for a short move or long-distance move across Canada. Choosing the right box should be guided by size and type of item. Check out our packing tips.

    Box Size

    Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and most moving companies use standard sizes, which include:

    1.5 cubic Foot Box

    This is the smallest size. This box is usually used for a variety of small objects like such as books, DVDs, cans, shoes and tools and other small items.

    3.0 cubic Foot Box

    This is a medium-sized box and is frequently interchanged with the smallest box. This box is suitable for small heavy items such as utensils, small kitchen appliances, lamps and shades.

    4.5 cubic Foot Box

    This is quite a large box. Light objects like unbreakable kitchen items, lamp shades, non-hanging clothes, beddings, pillows and toys can be packed in this box.

    6.0 cubic Foot Box

    This is the largest moving box and can generally be used for light and bulky items like stuffed animals, pillows or winter coats.

    As your moving box gets larger, decrease the weight of your items for easy loading.

    Specialty Boxes

    Consider putting particular items in specialty boxes, which include:

    Wardrobe Boxes

    These boxes come in small, medium and large sizes. The boxes have a wardrobe design and feature a metal rail to hang clothes that you want to remain hanging during transit. A lay down wardrobe box designed like a dresser drawer is suitable for clothes that only fold once.

    Dish Barrel/Dish Pack

    This box is suitable for breakable kitchenware and liquor bottles because of its multi-layered construction.

    Mirror Box

    This box can be expanded for additional packing. Framed pictures and small-sized table tops can be packed in this box. Secure your framed items with bubble wrap.

    Mattress Box

    Transport mattresses in boxes for extra protection against punctures. These boxes come in all sizes from crib, twin to king boxes.

    Made-to order Boxes

    Custom-made boxes are suitable for high-end items or very fragile objects like chandeliers. Your moving company can advise you with useful information about these specialty boxes for moving and other supplies you might need.

    These boxes come in a variety of sizes, quality and choices, buy double-walled boxes for heavy items.

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